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"We've got tons of games and jokes, stories and music. But more than that, we've got tons of encouragement for you, too.

And above all, here's the most important thing I want you to know: God is real, He's alive and He loves you very much. If you've been wondering about God but haven't found Him yet, keep looking! He promises us that if we seek Him, we will find Him.

So have fun exploring! And keep your eyes open, you never know what might be around the next corner!"

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(But, remember to always get your parent's permission before visiting a website!)


Cool Games :

These fun, interactive games come from Big Idea and ATSKIDS:

Play Cargo Bounce!
Help the pirates load up their ship! Watch for power-ups that fall from the sky!

ATSKIDS (part of American Tract Society) now has an online game for
younger children - The Island of Know. I have yet to get to the end!

Penguins Doom Funnel Chasers!
Fidgel has retooled the higly advanced GPS (Giant Penguin Slingshot) to fling a duct tape ball into Doom Funnels to stop them from terrorizing space colonies everywhere

Other Cool Stuff to do:

Email to God

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